Last month I took off from Mumbai, home of Bollywood and landed in Los Angeles, the homeplace for Hollywood.

University of Southern California is situated in Downtown LA and is very beautiful. Let me take you all to a tour of the university.

This is the place from where I enter the University every day. Its entrance from the north side from Hoover street-Jefferson street junction.

The globe over the VKC tower is visible even from half a mile:

First you encounter is this beautiful building which is closed for a some time. It is actually one of the twenty libraries inside the campus.:

After crossing a road which connects gate 4 and gate 5, a busy road which connects the two most inportant entries to the campus, we have to walk on the patch of grass for a while till we reach an opening called as trojan grounds. All USC students proudly call themselves as trojans. On the north side of the grounds is Leavey Library. This has got first 3 storeys full of computers from where you can access internet and study. Two more floors at the top are no speaking zones and are restricted only for studies.. Take a look at the library building:

The lake which is in front of the library attracts many guls which swim there all evening. At nights the reflection of the building on the other side in the lake is beautiful.

Now we come out of leavey library and again move towards trojans grounds. HAve a look at this picture. In this picture you can see siting place from where Leavey was snapped, in the background you will see VKC and on the left you will see a green of trojan grounds.

Few more pics of VKC. Some during day some during night.:

Now we go south towards Dohney Library. It hosts hugh number of books. Its the main library.:

Dohney enjoys great landscape with central location. There are many paths which lead to the library. This is path from South side.:

If we go south further, we reach student union building. This building hosts office for international students and USC pharmacy.:

Outside this building we have tiny amphitheare which is mostly used by students to hang around. In front of it, is the star attraction for all trojans, The TROJAN statue. see it from diff angles:

Behind the statue is the Bovard Auditorium. Inside view of Bovard:

The place behind Bovard is kind of small forest with art and film institute buildings in between. Area is full of squirrels. They dont fear you and give pose for photographs easily.

The campus is full of flowers,  trees and flower patches:

Now we go west for 5 mins and travel south for 10 mins. We reach Viterbi School of Engg. The place where I will Spend most of the time.

My college occupies large area in the south west part of the campus. It has got many departments and buildings and paths.

Have a look at The electrical Engineering department building:

have a look at this too:

This is the main laboratory of the computer department. We call it by its shortform ‘SAL’:

Thats it for now. I leave you all with this USC symbol. Keep visiting this page. I’ll be updating it as i gather more pictures.:

Pictures by:

Vinay Raghav and Me